The Enrichment Center of Western Pennsylvania, formerly referred to as “E-Day. ” is a non-profit organization serving the  Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township, Beaver, Butler, Eastern Ohio and surrounding areas. 

We exist to serve the homeschooling community.  We are a unique family-centered cooperative offering both upper level and cooperative level classes in a fun, engaging environment.  Many of our classes have a Christian orientation but non-Christians are welcome.

As a cooperative, families are asked to give back to the community in some fashion like a teacher, a teacher’s aid, serving lunch, cleaning, technology, etc.


     Board of Directors

  • Executive Director – Megan Eggers
  • Chairperson – Ashley Moyer
  • Communication Director – Kimberly Davison
  • Membership Director – Sharon Ardolino
  • Secretary – Marc Eggers
  • Treasurer – Tina Swanson

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