Our Mission
To work with homeschool families, organizations and the community to create a rich, nurturing, academic and social community to complement home education and nurture the youth and families of the community.
The Enrichment Center of Western PA is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian corporation dedicated to providing educational outreach and advancing the causes of scientific literacy, critical inquiry and the advancements of the arts within the homeschool community, as well as the community at large. ECWPA may partner with other charitable and humanitarian organizations throughout the Tri-State Region through fundraising, volunteer opportunities, and networking.

“The Center” offers both cooperative and credit level classes running during the traditional school year. Classes range from science and English labs to sewing and historical classes. If you can think of a topic, we currently have or have had a class to cover it. The families that attend ECWPA are an eclectic group of individuals bringing together an array of culture and traditions to broaden the learning of their children.

Non-Board Members

Madeline Petrus Executive Director

Board of Directors

Lise Sentell- President

Peter Hess- Treasurer

Carey Fritz- Secretary

General Members

Yvonne Opp
Marc Eggers
Maria Foster


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