10 Reasons to Join Western PA’s Premier Homechool Cooperative

Homeschooling is a rewarding and challenging educational adventure for families. Being part of the local homeschool community is an important part of the journey. Here are a few reasons (in no particular order) you should join The Enrichment Center of Western PA.


10 Reasons to Join ECWPA


10. You are looking for a networking community for home educating: We offer more than just classes. We are a source of advice, current law discussion, curriculum sales and a chance to meet like-minded families from all over the Western PA/Ohio region.

9. You want quality opportunities for friendships and academics.

8. You are looking for classroom exposure in a nurturing environment to encourage supportive, loving and thoughtful relationships and independent thinking.

7. You value an opportunity to pool talents and resources.

6. You desire access to group opportunities such as labs, drama performances, prom, graduation ceremonies, public speaking, group projects, recitals, holiday parties and events.

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5. You desire the opportunity to share talents, skills, training, hobbies, and passions for a particular interest or academia with others.

4. You value a co-op with strong leadership and a clear direction.

3. You desire a welcoming environment with a Christian worldview.

2. You want a great return on your monetary investment.

1. You want to be involved in a community that values your contributions.

If you shook your head or said “Yes, that’s what I want!” then we welcome you to register your family to be part of Western Pennsylvania’s leading homeschool cooperative community!

10 Reasons Why You Should Join Western PA's Leading Homeschool Cooperative Community #hsing

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