The Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and all teachers will strive to demonstrate love, grace, and helpfulness to all students. However, this does not mean that inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Attending The Enrichment Center of Western PA (ECWPA), a homeschooling co-op, is a privilege. We ask that each parent and student sign this Agreement to ensure that we all adhere to the rules, understand the discipline policy and exhibit expected behavior. No Code of Conduct can anticipate every situation, so this policy should be used as a guide and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all potential concerns or disciplinary outcomes. We ask that each parent and student follow the spirit of this Code in all of their actions while at the Center or on a field trip or event sponsored by the Center. This agreement is to help ensure we have the most beneficial and safe environment possible for our children.

Code of Conduct

      1. All Enrichment Center families, children, and their guests must sign in upon arrival, sign out when leaving, wear a name tag with your actual name, and read all notices posted at the Enrichment Center.


      2. Parents will be responsible for knowing where their children are at all times.


          3. Students will display a good attitude in class, including a willingness to participate and a cheerful attitude throughout the Center. Disrupting class in any way, including consistently arriving late or leaving early, is not tolerated. Additionally, plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated.
                4. Students will dress modestly to align with the values of a Conservative Co-op.  Understand that what you wear at home or other places is up to you, but as a group, we need to apply a conservative dress standard.   Immodest and/or inappropriate dress will be addressed.


            5. Students will always show respect for those in authority, as well as other students, teachers, and parents.


            6. At no time is it appropriate or tolerable to use foul language or cruel or harassing words to another student, parent, visitor or teacher.


            7. At no time is it appropriate to hit, kick or otherwise physically injure another person. Any such action may be grounds for immediate dismissal.


            8. Respect for the facilities and property belonging to the host church must be maintained. No student should be in any areas not actively being used as Enrichment Center space. The prohibited spaces include, but are not limited to, the basement, roof, offices, sanctuary, the entire Church wing on Wednesdays (with exception of the cafeteria and piano room, which can be used for playing the piano only), any room with a closed and/or locked door, the server room, and the woods surrounding the building. Similarly, destruction of property, damage to property, as well as graffiti on signs, posters or other any surfaces is unacceptable.


            9. Pick up all trash, whether it belongs to you or not. Do not leave sports equipment or belongings lying around in hallways, rooms or outside.


            10. No student shall treat the facility in a manner for which it was not intended. For example, students should not climb the walls and/or drain pipes of the building.


            11. Parents of cooperative class students are required to stay on the property during the time their children are involved in classes or other activities unless prior arrangements and approval have been given by one of Center’s Board Members.


          12. Every individual has the right to respect and confidentiality. If a parent or student has a concern with the Center, a teacher or a class, we request that no grievance EVER be handled in front of other students and parents, on social media, or in electronic form sent to others outside of the Center. We ask that you try to work out any issues in an amicable manner. If, however, such resolution is not possible, the parent or student should discuss the matter with the Executive Director or Chairman of the Board, who in conjunction with the other Board Members, if appropriate, will make a final decision regarding the matter. We also request that everyone involved keep the matter confidential. There should be no outside involvement without the knowledge of all parties involved. Should this happen, it will be grounds for discipline in itself.

        Updated 08-02-2017 JLA

        Discipline Procedure

        The Enrichment Center has a “three strikes” discipline policy. Students who fail to obey the rules and guidelines will be written up on a discipline report, which will be kept on file by the Executive Director. Students who accumulate three incident reports in a year may be asked by the Board to leave the co-op.

        1. First Offense: A formal warning consisting of a Discipline Report will be given by the teacher, to the Executive Director, and/or the Board. The discipline report will include a description of the infraction, the date, and the names of any parties involved (both children and adults). A copy of the incident report will be provided to the parent. In an effort to help our children learn mature decision-making skills and responsible behavior, the parents and child must complete and return a copy of the incident report stating what future action will be taken by the child to avoid future infractions of this nature.

        2. Second Offense: The Administration and/or Teacher will meet with the parents, discuss the issue and determine a plan to help the student understand the appropriate manner in which the student should conduct themselves and how to correct the behavior. The plan will be put in writing and both parent and student will be required to sign-off on the plan.

        3. Third Offense: The Administration and/or teacher will notify the Board of Directors of the student’s behavior and all attempts to help the student to understand the appropriate behavior expected of him or her. The Board will then determine whether the student may continue to attend the class and/or Center. In the event that the Board determines that the student can no longer attend classes and/or activities at the Enrichment Center, no refunds of any tuition and/or fees will be given.

        The above process is a guideline only. Depending on the severity or pervasiveness of the offense, any or all steps in the Disciplinary Process may be accelerated, in the sole discretion of the Board. In the event that a participant, parent and/or student’s behavior threatens the safety of another student, teacher, member, participant or family, or constitutes bullying, seriously interferes with the operation of the Enrichment Center, or is of a significantly concerning nature to the Board, a student, parent, member, participant or family may be immediately expelled from membership in ECWPA, prohibited from attending the class at issue, and/or prohibited from the building and grounds, with no prior warning or previous disciplinary action.

        It is our intent to help our students grow and mature by ensuring that they are aware of our Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy and strive to act in accordance. In this respect, it is important that not only our parents accept this policy, but also our older students. Parents may accept/sign this policy electronically. However, each student in 7Th grade or above must submit a printed and signed copy of this policy on the first day of classes.

        Download, print, and sign (by any student 7th grade or above) the ECWPA Code of Conduct & Discipline Policy and bring the first day of class.

        Updated 08-02-2017 JLA

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