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Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement


Enrichment Center of Western PA (aka The Center or ECWPA) offers access to and use of the internet. These connections are offered to provide additional educational resources and communication for students and teachers.

The use of the Internet is a privilege. If the User does not comply with the rules and guidelines set out before him/her, he/she will lose his/her privilege to use these connections. If the User intentionally or unintentionally does damage to equipment, software, or other user’s data, the User could lose computer privileges and be subject to the ECWPA discipline policy.

Summary of Network and Internet Rules:

When using the ECWPA network and/or its connection to the Internet, the User must accept the responsibility to use it in a proper, ethical, and legal way.

The following guidelines apply to the use of the ECWPA Network and/or Internet, including both ECWPA-owned hardware/equipment/devices and items brought on-site by Users. This list is not exhaustive and ECWPA reserves the right to modify and amend the list as seen necessary.

  • Logging onto or using inappropriate web sites is strictly prohibited. ECWPA’s computers, network, and internet connection shall not be used to view, download, upload, forward, print, copy or file any inappropriate content.
  • Each User has the responsibility to report offensive material to his/her teacher or parent. Attention should not be drawn to this offensive material, subjecting others to its influence.
  • Each User must have a personal account with a password. The use of another person’s account is not allowed.
  • All rules and policies in place at E-Day regarding honesty, courtesy, and integrity will apply; Some examples include bullying/cyber-bullying, harassment, use of inappropriate language, sharing of personal information, etc..
  • Users under the age of 18 are prohibited from posting or providing personal student information in electronic format. This includes, but is not limited to, name, age, gender, home address, school address, phone number(s), and password(s).

Discipline actions for infractions and misuse of ECWPA’s network, internet connection, software, and/or hardware will include one or more of the following:

  • Temporary or permanent loss of privileges for use of these items
  • Account restrictions including increased filtering or time use restrictions
  • Other actions in accordance with ECWPA’s discipline policy
  • Enrichment Center reserves the right to respond to each infraction on an individual basis, taking into account the severity of the infraction, the intentions behind the infraction, and the history of the offender.

Filtering and Monitoring Rights

ECWPA will use hardware and/or software to block and filter, to the extent which it is possible, access to harmful, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or unethical web sites and images. ECWPA may also use hardware and/or software to block and filter web sites that are deemed to be “non-learning” and may interfere with and distract from the learning environment which ECWPA is trying to maintain.

ECWPA reserves the right to monitor all online and network activities by the Users (teachers and students included). This access includes the right to review, copy, store or delete any electronic communications or files and to share them with authoritative personnel as seen necessary.

It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child(ren) understands this policy.

Updated 7-17-2017 AMF

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